Helping Veterans Receive Their Social Security Disability Compensation.

We are a disability firm located in North Central West Virginia that is proud to help serve those who have served us!

Andrea Pecora and Associates Help Veterans Obtain Social Security Disability

Our Veterans make great sacrifices for our country. Unfortunately, many don’t appreciate their service and contributions. Not only does our office, located in North Central West Virginia, appreciate our veterans; but we actively seek to serve them by helping those in need obtain their disability compensation. Andrea Pecora & Associates is dedicated to help provide for our military personnel.

Andrea Pecora is Knowledgeable About the Laws for Veterans Social Security Disability

Often times a veterans disability may arise after their service in the armed forces. These situations can typically be traced back to an injury or traumatic event sustained while they were in service. Disabilities can be applied to physical conditions, like knee problems or loss of physical function, as well as mental health problems, like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Andrea Pecora’s office, located at 224 E Pike St., in Clarksburg, WV, offers FREE CONSULTATIONS TO VETERANS.

Make Andrea Pecora your Representative for Veterans Social Security Disability Compensation & Benefits