What is SSD & SSI?

You can file for Social Security Disability Insurance if you have an impairment, either medical, psychological, or psychiatric. Both SSDI & SSI offer cash benefits if you are disabled but the process can be extremely time consuming if you’ve never done it before. To receive SSDI or SSI benefits, you or your lawyer must first file a claim.

How To File For Social Security Disability

There are three ways you can file for Social Security Disability benefits:
-Phone Interview: Call us between 8:30AM & 4PM Monday-Friday at (304) 622-1919.
-Office Interview: Call us to schedule an appointment at our office between 8:30AM & 4PM Monday-Friday by calling (304) 622-1919.
-Filing Online: To file for SSD or SSI benefits online click the link – www.ssa.gov

Time to Appeal

If you’ve been denied social security benefits, you may still be eligible to receive compensation. It’s not uncommon for a claim to be denied due to incorrect or inaccurate information entered on your application. In other cases, claims are sometimes denied and upon review, granted entirely. If you believe that you’ve been denied SSDI & SSI benefits in error, Andrea Pecora & Associates may be able to help.

Contact Andrea Pecora & Associates for a comprehensive evaluation of your denied claim. We evaluate all Social Security Disability Insurance claims on a case-by-case basis, and can help you understand why a claim was denied, and begin the appeal process if we believe you are eligible to receive benefits.