Selecting A Social Security Disability Representative Payee

What is a Representative Payee?

Selecting a representative payee for your Social Security Disability benefits is an important decision. A representative payee allows a person to receive and manage your SSD benefits, and is chosen by the Social Security Administration. There are two different circumstances in which a representative payee is required: 

Payable to a Minor

When Social Security Disability benefits are due to a minor, or a person who is under the age of 18, a representative payee is appointed to acquire and manage them.

Impaired Judgement or Physically Unable to Manage Funds

If a person is physically or mentally unable to manage his or her own benefits from SSD due to illness, disease, or other disability, a representative payee will be appointed to receive and manage the funds. This can be changed if the Social Security Disability recipient’s health improves and he or she is able to make sound financial decisions.

How a Representative Payee Manages a Recipient’s SSD Benefits

A SSD representative payee is to be aware of how much money a recipient collects, as well as how much he or she is to spend for certain necessities. While the payee has the right to make the final decision on how funds are spent, the recipient should make his or her opinions known. All payees must record how benefits are spent, and provide a management report to the Social Security Administration every year. When it comes to specific management of SSD funds, every representative payee is advised to pay for the following items first:

– Shelter
– Food

– Clothing
– Personal Care Items

– Medical Care
– Dental Care

– Rehabilitation Services (If necessary)
– And More

Leftover Funds from SSD Benefits

Past-due bills, dependent expenses, entertainment, or the improvement of the living environment are options for leftover funds. If there is money left after all of the previous items have been paid for, it must be saved in an account. If you are in need of reliable SSD services in West Virginia, contact Andrea Pecora & Associates in Clarksburg, WV, today!