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Andrea Pecora & Associates Fights for Your Disability Rights

Andrea Pecora & Associates helps to apply for Social Security Disability in Harrisville, WV, and the surrounding areas. When a disability significantly impacts you financially, it is time for a proven company to fight for your rights. Andrea Pecora & Associates leads the way throughout the application process. We have years of experience specializing in SSDI and Supplemental Security Income and can help you throughout the application process by answering any questions you may have. 

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Do You Have Lasting Effects from COVID-19? File for Disability in Ritchie County.

We Help Injured Military Veterans Get Disability Benefits

Andrea Pecora & Associates is proud to help military veterans garner Social Security Disability compensation. Our veterans make great sacrifices for our country. Unfortunately, those sacrifices are serious injuries and PTSD. Not only does our office appreciate our veterans making those sacrifices, but we actively seek to serve them by working to obtain their Social Security Disability compensation for veterans in Pennsboro, WV, and the surrounding areas. Andrea Pecora & Associates is dedicated to helping provide for our military personnel.

Trust Us for Our Supplemental Security Income Services in Harrisville

Supplemental Security Income can greatly improve the quality of life and financial security of a claimant and their family. Social Security standardizes the funds from SSI throughout the country, but the SSA may add benefits to this sum in certain cases. In order to receive the most income possible, rely on Andrea Pecora & Associates near Harrisville, WV. Our unmatched services give people the best chance at getting the benefits they and their loved ones need.

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Andrea Pecora & Associates helps with Social Security Disability in Harrisville, WV.